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The site you have entered is a survey containing some of the best online casinos on the net. If you haven`t tried wagering online before, then you will be surprised how fun and exiting it is. You can sit in your pyjamas and play from your home computer at online casinos almost similar to a real casino. And when it comes to gameplay, its exactly the same. You can high roll, low roll, bet alone or bet with others with all the classic casino-games like Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, poker, slots etc.

If you are already a skilled player, then please read on! But if you want to learn more about the games then click on the links below and take a look at the rules, statics and odds:


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Now to get a better feeling of what you have just read and/or seen, then here some of the games in offline funmode.
Click on any of the icons below to play (If you run out of chips, then hit F5!)

Note: Videopoker is Jokerpoker (slighly diffrent odds)
craps coming soon!!

But how reliable is online gambling compared to the real thing? has been around almost every casino listed within the survey, and we havent had problems with any of them worth mentioning. The very few casinos which we have determined to have a lack of credibility are not listed.
Each casino with in our survey has a rating mark (except the casinos we havnt had time to "testdrive" yet) which are given on basis of the following important factors:

- Odds
- Software, design and gameplay
- Reliability
- Customer support
- Free signup and loyalty promotions

The rating-scale is as follows:

= Dont play here!
= Okay, but enter on your own risk!
= Average Casino
= Highly recommendable casino
= The ultimit online gambling experience!

Note: some ratings are with an additional + (ex $$$+) which simply means that the casino is rated in between two categories.

The most popular casinos on the net are the ones powered by these software-companies:

Microgaming: (Ex: Lucky Nugget Casino, BlackJack Ballroom)

Bossmedia: (Ex: Riverboat Casino, Prestige Casino)

Cryptolotic: (Ex: Inter Casino, Williamhill Casino)

These softwares are the best when it comes to: Realistic gameplay, player-options, deposit / withdrawal systems and not but least their very generous promotions. If you want to know who supplys the software, then scroll down on any given casino site and you will most likely find the company providing the software at the bottom of the mainpage.

Since we are dealing with machines here, Errors can occur ofcause. But before you panic, then please check that you`re not the one coursing the trouble. There are certain limits and terms you have to meet. There are deposit / withdrawal limits and options to have in mind, and especially bonus offers can be very sensitive since the casinos are not interested in people abusing them. Please read the 3 golden rules - Click Here - before you do anything else. If these rules are followed, then there wont be any problems from your site of the table.

Sure technical errors happen from time to time due to either your own computer or the network. But if you are in the middle of a 50$ blackjack hand and your computer suddenly goes down or your connection to the casino server is disabled, then dont worry. You bet will always be restored when you log back into the casino. If though, any unforseen error should occur, then all casinos have a support group, that round the clock are at your disposal. Most of the casinos both have phone, email and even live online-support options. So no problem should be unable to solve.

Now if you ready to get inside the fun and thrill of online gambling, then go to our bonus/casino survey. Choose a casino and you will be ready to wager within minutes. If you dont know which casino you should choose, then please view our top 5 with recommended casinos:

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